Do you want to help your people grow in faith?  Would you like to see your small group excited about transforming lives?  How about introducing intentional disciplemaking to the church ?

NavMedia has a series of FREE discipleship clinics to help you get started.  Book one now!

The 4 types of clinics we run are: 

1. The Road Map to Authentic Discipleship 

A recommended first course for those who would like to know how to implement Discipleship within the church structure.  See the big picture of how young converts, the struggling Christians and those mature in their faith can pitch in to encourage one another to reach maturity in Christ. This broad overview helps churches and small groups to see book and character studies as not just another Christian program but useful tools we can user wisely in the journey to Christlikeness.

2. How to do Follow-Up

Cover of GIC series   

This clinic aims to introduce you to the Growing In Christ Series. Not only will you have the opportunity to examine your faith and beliefs afresh, you'll be able to clearly present a defense to anyone who asks a reason for the hope that is in you.  Once you have done it yourself, you will be able to do it with a pre-believer or new believer to systematically introduce him to what it means to be a Christian.

Clinic Textbook : Growing In Christ series

3. How to Lead Small Group Discussion

The full series of Design for Discipleship books   

As a small group leader, you would find that the DFD series prepares you to enter the study of God's Word in a methodical and holistic way that brings Bible knowledge, study skills and application together in a process that ultimately aims at helping you help others live out God's Word. In just 4 hours, we will acquaint you with the Designed for Discipleship framework of Christian growth. We will also cover the first book and share tips so that you will not have to flounder around in your first few discussions. 

Clinic Textbook : The Design For Discipleship (DFD) Series

4. How to do Solitude and Silence 

Silence and Solitude is not an easy discipline as it involves setting aside the hustle and bustle of life for periods of quietness to hear and enjoy God. 

This session is conducted in the form of a 4-hour retreat with 10-20 participants. Participants will be lead in 3 different exercises with the objective of drawing closer to God. Nature appreciation is also included.

 Clinic Textbook : Jan Johnson's Personal Retreat Guides & Experience The Life(ETL) Series 

 For those interested in hosting any of the clinics, the booking details are as follows:

   Day:           Saturday
   Venue:        provided by host
   Duration:     4 hours 

   Minimum number of people : 15 pax
   Maximum number of people : 40 pax

Do contact us if you are interested in hosting any one of the clinics.